About us and some history

This is a family owned & operated, registered DBA Business with the State of Missouri. We are St. Louis’s longest serving Dove Release service since May 2000. We have the experience others want to claim.

Where do the doves go once they are released?

To their custom built (10' x 24') home here in St. Peters, Mo. Our doves are White Racing Homers (Homing Pigeons). They are born with a natural instinct and combined with extensive training, they are able to make it safely home.

What is the difference between Pigeons and Doves?

All doves and pigeons descended from the Rock Dove. Through mans selected breeding over many years has the homing pigeon come to be known. Scientifically doves and pigeons are the same (Columbia liva). Dogs are another animal man has selectively bred and now there are many lines (breeds) of dogs but they are all still called a dog.

What do you mean they are trained to fly home... I thought they had the "instinct"?

They must be trained to develop that instinct! Just like an athlete, their ability and endurance must be developed. Once trained, they can fly great distances, although we like to stay within 50 miles to ensure they make it home safely.

Be aware to never use small ring-necked doves such as those purchased at pet stores. They have neither the instinct, strength nor ability to survive on their own and will perish within days.

Will the doves "mess" on my guests as they fly overhead?

As live animals, that can't be guaranteed but we have a feeding system to help ensure that doesn't happen.

What time of the day is best for a release?

Any time up to 1 hour before sunset for most locations. If there is an event delay and our cut-off time approaches, you are in risk of loosing (forfeiting) the fee, as we will not jeopardize the welfare of our doves. Doves can be released all year round.

What is the Cancellation Policy?

If a cancellation is made up to 48 hours before the service, the deposit will be refunded less 25% of the full service price. Where a cancellation is made within 48 hours, Show Me Doves shall be entitled to charge the customer a cancellation fee of 50% of the full service price. A complete refund will be issued if we determine in advance of arrival that weather conditions prohibit safe release of the birds. If weather conditions force a cancellation after arrival and set up, Show Me Doves will refund 50% of package price.

What is a Cut-off time?

Cut-off time is calculated based on the time of day and the distances they must travel to get home. If your event is delayed beyond our cut-off time, you will forfeit your release and your entire amount paid. Our birds can not be released under the following conditions: Thunder, Lightning, Tornado Advisories, Heavy Rain, Fog, Haze, Snow, Ice Storms and or low clouds, extreme Heat or Cold. They Do Not fly at night. No refunds for unexpected dove or guest behavior. As our services cover living creatures, it is understood that the release of the birds can only be allowed if weather conditions are permitting. As live birds we are not able to guarantee that the birds will perform exactly as required, every time. Delay of 1/2 hour or more will be charged an additional $50.00 per hour.

What about Payment/Deposit?

A minimum of 50% deposit is required on booking of services made by phone. You may pay in full if you prefer. Telephone bookings are only held for five days. Booking is confirmed when deposit is received. Any balance owed is due 10 days before the service or event. Checks/money orders are accepted - please complete the following reservation form and make payable to Show Me Doves.

Please confirm by phone before booking.

Print Reservation Form for Mail-In Bookings